Bunk Houses

The bunk houses are located in the Princess Snowbird Campground. They are great for groups and are a nice economical step up from camping. Each bunkhouse has a woodstove, TV (does not currently get any channels), refrigerator, sitting area and several bunks. You must bring your own towels, pillows, linens and blankets. Bathrooms are located in the campground bathhouse, a short walk from the bunk houses. There are also picnic tables, fire rings, and a pavilion nearby.

 $50 (1-2 people) + $10 each additional person (over 6 years old)

Bunkhouse #1 – Has 17 bunks

Bunkhouse #2 – Has 11 bunks and a refrigerator

Bunkhouse #3 – Has 15 bunks and a refrigerator